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Below are a few recent articles, including some about subjects not related to the High Line.

“Of Dogs and Men” in Bark magazine, published in the June/August 2011 issue. An article about the death of the wonderful New York veterinarian Jay Shapiro.

“Homer,” a review in Bark magazine of Elisha Cooper’s illustrated children’s book about a dog who knows the meaning of home, published in the September/October 2012 issue.


“Stories of the High Line,” Publishers Weekly magazine, April 30, 2012

“The 10 Coolest buildings Along the High Line,” in Huffington Post, October 8, 2012

9 Ways of Looking at the High Line,” in Huffngton Post, April 27, 2012


Articles for authors and writers, published on TheAuthorOnline.com:

“The Art of Choosing a Theme or Template”
“Creative Newsletter Sign-Up”

“10 1/2 Tips for Being a More Effective Author Online”



Miscellaneous Articles:

“The Dream of DIY”
“Trooper Ambrose and my Lesson in Road Safety”

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