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Frozen Park in the Sky


This photo doesn’t show how bone-chillingly cold it was on the High Line today. It doesn’t show the million-mile-per-hour wind or the stinging sensation of thousands of snowflakes dive-bombing your eyeballs. There were just a few hardy souls in the park today, but they were stalwarts for sure.

That woman in the photo took off her gloves after she passed underneath the Standard Hotel to take a photograph of Pier 54. Her fingers are probably still numb, but I bet the shot was worth it.

Hey, if you’re one of those whingers who’s always complaining about how crowded the High Line is, get off your duff! A small army of volunteers will be assembling early tomorrow morning to clear the snow, and it’ll be jaw-droppingly beautiful up there by the time you arrive. And bone-chillingly cold.

Bring your camera!

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