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The High Line is a puzzle

I first noticed this piece of concrete decking on September 15, 2009, which is when I photographed it. It was lying along the portion of the park that runs north of 14th Street — probably around 16th or so.

It was the first time I realized how complex a system the contractor has worked out to ensure that each piece of the High Line puzzle ends up in the right place. The concrete pilings on the under-construction portion are also clearly labeled — see here. I’ll try to capture as much of this system as I can going forward. I’m sure I’ll never understand it, but it’s fun to know it exists: that every panel you walk on, and every rail you observe amongst the grasses, has a unique number inscribed on it. Maybe, once deciphered, all these number add up to a code that contains the answer to all our questions about the mysteries of the Universe…