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Trucks, Machines, and the High Line Turns Yellow

Days pass with no action and suddenly there is a large truck on the Highline.  How did it get there?  Why do I have to go to meetings?

The truck gives way to yet another machine, but before these fellows arrived on the scene a worker made a huge amount of noise with a leaf blower.  Perhaps he was drying out the concrete?  I had to move to the bedroom in order to take a business call.  This blue machine appears to be a precise instrument that does what??

And then, most amazing of all, the men change outfits and re-emerge in Hasmat suits to paint the Highline yellow.


The smell is so awful and sickening that I am forced to close every window in the apartment (7 face the Highline) and turn on the air conditioning.  Finally I move (again) to the bedroom.  What is this paint and why does it smell so deadly?

But it certainly does the trick. The Highline is now yellow.

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