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Coffee Break on the High Line

There’s not a tremendous amount of work being done on our section of the emerging High Line, but it’s clearly a nice spot for a coffee break.

There are several things that interest me about this scene: the activity of the condo guys vs. the relaxing High Line guys who are, after all, sitting in a park. Yeah, it’s not complete yet, but the High Line crew choose to take their coffee in their workspace, whereas the condo guys never do. Maybe because the Rat is watching. And because they’re not building an awesomely cool park, they’re building yet another nameless condo.

This is also a classic New York scene: new apartment building goes up with an old (landmark) building behind it (London Towers) and another modern one (I don’t think it has a name) just across the way. When the renovation of my building (the Spears, a former furniture factory) was completed there was an empty lot where that red brick condo with the balconies now stands. Our neighbors, when they moved in ten years ago, had a nice, clear view to the north across 23rd Street, and lovely evening light from the west.  Soon we’ll all be hemmed in by the Rat Condo to the east, and our view of London Towers will be completely gone. But at least we’ll have the High Line in-between, a small strip of green amidst the concrete towers. Think of all the coffee that will be enjoyed there in years to come.

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