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Happy Birthday, Jay Shapiro. You Left the World a Better Place.

Jordan, A-Rod & Jay Shapiro. Photo courtesy Sarabeth Levine

Today would have been Jay Shapiro’s 65th birthday, a day in 1947 that also fell on Father’s Day. Jay was a remarkable man and our veterinarian for many years. He was irreplaceable, and all over New York there are animals and humans who continue to grieve his passing. In tribute, Jay’s sister Sarabeth Levine posted this great photo (above) of Jay and his son Jordan on her website. Between two is their cat, A-Rod.

You can read my tribute to Jay, first published in Bark magazine, here on Livin’ The High Line.  Jay was a man apart: an extraordinary father, doctor, brother, son, friend. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of him.

Paw to heart, eyes to heaven. We miss you so.

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