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The Dogs of the High Line, Including Photos!

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, but the weather was similar to today’s: rainy, raw, bone-chilling. There weren’t too many creatures in the park.

A great many people come to this blog looking for dogs on the High Line, and I’m always happy to oblige. Dogs are not, of course, allowed on the High Line, but this is a service dog who lives in the neighborhood. I often see this couple at the Chelsea Piers gym and the dog is a very sweet and well-behaved creature who sits quietly and attentively by the pool as its owner swims. (I’m sure the owner is very sweet too, but that’s beside the point; no one comes here searching for “humans on the High Line.”)

This is one of Manhattan’s Lucky Dogs; being in service means it  has the great privilege of being allowed on the High Line. So if you see this dog, you too will be lucky. That’s what dogs do: they spread the luck around.

And look at the tail. The photo below the slideshow is in focus — everything but the dog’s tail, which is wagging up a storm. This is happiness on the High Line, brought to us by that rarest of rare things: a dog trotting down the Flyover.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. For more dogs, check out the slideshow below, and be sure to click both pages to see all the dogs. There are 27, and counting….


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